The Boiling Springs Tavern is temporarily closed.

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The Boiling Springs Tavern is temporarily closed for renovation.

Boiling Springs Tavern remodel plans

During this temporary closure, we have been actively improving our historic establishment built in 1832 and are excited to unveil the plans for our extensive remodel. Great effort has been made to preserve the historical elements that give the Tavern it’s unique charm. New and exciting additions are also in the works. An outdoor covered bar, lounge and dining patio along the "bubble" will give our patrons an opportunity to relax and dine along our treasured town waterway, fed by the spring. In addition, a full kitchen remodel and the building of a new outdoor kitchen will provide a world class culinary environment. During the closure the chefs have been working full time to create new masterpieces and fine tune old favorites that have been the heart of the Boiling Springs Tavern’s menu. We have formed relationships with local farmers and suppliers in efforts to make a more sustainable menu that supports local businesses. The improvements we are making to our historic restaurant will safeguard the establishment for years to come and give our patrons a fresh, exciting, and safe environment. We will keep you abreast of our plans to reopen. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you soon.

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1 East First Street
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We are temporaily closed.
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